Drugs & Alcohol

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It has been said that the college years and drinking are a right of passage. That it is a period of experimentation. Wrong. It is a period of education. What seemed like a good idea at the time in many cases has resulted in tragic events including rape and death. It is my hope that this forum continues the educational process about drinking and its negative effects (STIs, pregnancy, arrests, loss of scholarships, friends and family, addiction.) People drink to feel good and have a good time. Fine, but the line in front of the danger zone is not that far away. Please proceed and educate yourself so you can make good choices. Remember, you are responsible for all of your choices. (See URI Office of Student Life/Substance Abuse Prevention Services)


Stimulants: Crack, cocaine, yaba, methamphetamine, Khat
Effects: Feelings of well-being, arousal, excitation, increased focus and alertness, restlessness, loss of appetite, confusion, elevated temperature, heart rate and blood pressure, irritability, antisocial behavior, irregular respirations, convulsions, hallucinations, stroke, heart failure and sudden death.

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