Health Insurance Waiver

  • We ask for your insurance information each year because insurance coverage frequently changes. Current insurance information coverage is very important to us to maintain at Health Services. Should the insurance coverage change during the year, we ask that the updated information be provided. It is important for the student to carry a current insurance card with them.

  • Health (Accident/Sickness) Insurance is mandatory for full-time students attending the URI Kingston Campus. The insurance may be waived (removed from the tuition bill) by the student who has comparable coverage, by timely submission and acceptance of an on-line waiver.  Prior to waiving the school-sponsored insurance plan, you should contact your private health insurance company to confirm coverage for the student at URI.  You should be aware of out-of-network coverage benefits, while at URI.  X-ray and Lab charges will be billed to the student if not covered or partially covered by your insurance.

  • □       Unlimited Coverage for Injury/Sickness

    □       Minimum of $15,000 for Emergency Medical Evacuation

    □       Minimum of $10,000 for Repatriation Expenses

    □       Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

    □       Wellness/Preventative Exams, Mental Health, and Maternity Coverage

    □       Hospital Coverage (In-Patient, Outpatient, Surgical Care)

    □       Pharmaceutical Benefit

    □       Plan should be Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant

    □       Proof of insurance purchased (i.e., Insurance Card or Certificate)

How do I submit my insurance waiver?

  • Select “URI Student Services” from the menu
  • Now, select “Insurance Waiver”. You will see the following message indicating the term you are submitting a waiver for (click on image for clearer view):


  • Now, click “OK”. You will see the following screen (click on image for clearer view):


  • Enter your preferred email address, which we will use to contact you regarding the status of your insurance waiver.
  • Enter your 10 digit preferred phone number. Please do not insert any dashes (-).
  • Click on the magnifying glass to the right of the “Insurance Company list” field.  (click on image for clearer view):


  • You will be presented with a list of Insurance Companies.  Search for your insurance company by entering in the first few letters of the name at the top of the screen in the field that says “Insurance Company Name” and change the drop down arrow from “begins with” to “Contains”, then select “Look Up”.  Simply click on the Insurance Company Name and in the insurance company name will automatically populate in your waiver.  (click on image for clearer view):
  • If you can’t locate your Insurance Company, search for “Other” and select that option. You will then need to enter the appropriate address information manually. (click on image for clearer view):
  • Once your insurance company information has been entered, enter the “Subscriber Information” toward the right of the screen. This is the name, birth date, and relationship to you of the person whom the insurance policy is written for. This could be a parent, guardian, spouse or any other person whom carries you on their insurance. If you have your own insurance, simply enter your own name and birth date. (click on image for clearer view):


  • Once you have completed filling out this information, read the terms of the waiver and place a check box in the box following “I agree to the terms:”.
  • Finally, click “Submit Waiver” in the lower right corner of the screen. A message will appear indicating your waiver has been submitted:

Waiver Confirmation

  • You will receive a confirmation email at the address you specified in the waiver.  Your waiver will be reviewed and approved/rejected within 30 days of submission.  Please submit your waiver by August 10, 2018 to avoid purchasing the school sponsored health insurance.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 401-874-4774.

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