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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • URI Health Services is located in the Potter Building at 6 Butterfield Road on the Kingston Campus.

  • Academic Year Hours of Operation:

    • Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Appointments available 9:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.)
    • Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    • Appointments available 12:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
    • Laboratory and Pharmacy 12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Summer Hours of Operation:

    • Closed for medical services mid-May – September (including Pharmacy, Lab, X-Ray).
    • Administrative Services available 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday; except for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Victory Day
  • Yes, there is patient/visitor parking directly across the street from Health Services in the front row. Students must obtain a parking pass from Health Services to place on their dashboard during their Health Services appointment.  Failure to obtain a parking pass from Health Services may result in a parking citation or towing of one’s vehicle.

Health Services Fee

  • The Health Services Fee is a mandatory fee for all full-time students.  The fee ensures that services listed below are available to students regardless of their health insurance coverage.  This Health Services fee cannot be waived.

  • The Health Services Fee ensures that the facility and staff are available to provide quality care to students in need of health care.  All full-time students are eligible to be seen at Health Services, regardless of their insurance. If their insurance does not cover the provider visit, the student will not be responsible for the office visit charge.

    The Health Services Fee covers the following:

    • Office visits with URI Health Services providers
    • No or reduced cost for over the counter (OTC) medications (i.e., ibuprofen, Tylenol, cough syrup, cough drops, cold medicine)
    • Health promotion and prevention programs
    • Free Flu Clinic, Health Fairs
    • URI Emergency Medical Services (URI EMS) Ambulance – 24/7/365


  • Health (Accident/Sickness) Insurance is mandatory for full-time students attending the URI Kingston Campus. The insurance may be waived (removed from the tuition bill) by the student who has comparable coverage, by timely submission and acceptance of an on-line waiver.  Prior to waiving the school-sponsored insurance plan, you should contact your private health insurance company to confirm coverage for the student at URI.  You should be aware of out-of-network coverage benefits, while at URI.  X-ray and Lab charges will be billed to the student if not covered or partially covered by your insurance.

  • The waiver can be accessed on our Insurance Page during the time period we are accepting waivers.  After that period expires, a petition can be made and each case will be reviewed.  Please have insurance card/information and the URI Student ID number on hand when submitting the electronic waiver.  You should receive a reference ID number, confirming that your submission was successful.  Should you encounter any difficulties, you may call 401-874-4749 for assistance.  It generally takes up to 30 days for the Accident/Sickness Insurance fee to be taken off the tuition bill.

  • We ask for your insurance information each year because insurance coverage frequently changes. Current insurance information coverage is very important to us to maintain at Health Services. Should the insurance coverage change during the year, we ask that the updated information be provided. It is important for the student to carry a current insurance card with them.

  • We use the student’s preferred e-mail account that they have identified when submitting the waiver to notify them. If the waiver is rejected, a specific reason and required action will be provided.

  • A submitted waiver may be rejected because the information supplied was not sufficient for the waiver to be accepted.  Care should be taken when entering the Member ID number and Group number. If you have Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, please make sure to put the three-letter prefix that is part of the member identification number. Any questions, please call us, and we can help you at 401-874-4749.

  • The student should see the deduction on the e-campus tuition bill within 30 days. Please contact Enrollment Services at 401-874-9500, Ext. 0, to determine if the refund to the student will be by check or their URI refund card.

    If the charge has not been removed, the waiver submitted was rejected. Please contact Health Services Insurance Department at 401-874-4749.

  • Detailed insurance benefits can be viewed on our Insurance Page.

  • Participating providers can be found on-line through the insurance link on Health Services’ web page or by contacting the insurance company’s website to identify the provider network and who participates in the network.

  • Those who have the University-sponsored plan will receive a card by mail at their permanent home address.  If you have not received one and require it for medical services, please contact us at 401-874-4749.  The student may go to the insurance company’s website and set up an account.  This is the easiest way to obtain an insurance card and track claims.  The insurance company’s website is:

Eligibility For Care

  • Health Services is available to any student who has paid the Health Services Fee.  The fee is automatically assessed to all full-time Kingston Campus students each semester on their tuition bill.  Other matriculated students may elect to pay the Health Services Fee and thereby, become eligible for care at Health Services.  The University-sponsored Accident/Sickness Insurance (Health Insurance) is automatically assessed to any full-time Kingston Campus student.  The health insurance can be waived by substituting another qualifying insurance plan.  Other students who desire to purchase the University-sponsored-insurance are required to also pay the Health Services Fee.

    The student may verify their eligibility by checking the itemized (tuition and fees) bill on their e-campus account.  If the student is full-time and has not been assessed the fee, it is likely that they are considered a “CCE” student taking courses in Providence or on-line.  Should they desire eligibility, they should request that the Health Services Fee be added to their tuition bill by contacting the Insurance Office at 401-874-4749.

  • Yes, parents/legal guardians must complete the Consent for Treatment of a Minor form, which can be found on our New Student Health Forms page, granting permission to treat students who are under 18 years of age (minors) until they turn 18.  If written consent has not been obtained, a verbal consent that is documented in the health record will suffice.

Services Available

  • Health Services offers a broad scope of medical care including acute care, physical exams, laboratory services, immunizations, allergy injections, x-rays, and pharmacy.  We also offer:

    • Cold Self Care – Located in the waiting room of Health Services, students can take their temperature, assess their condition, and complete a form requesting certain over-the-counter cold remedies. This form is then taken to the pharmacy where professional staff will issue the medication, answer questions, and provide drug information. There is no charge for most of these medications. For more information, please visit our Cold Self Care page.
    • Nurse Advice – Professional Registered Nurses are available to assess any student in need of assistance. They may refer the student to self-care with clinical advice or appoint the student to see a provider in either acute or primary care. This service is available via phone at 401-874-4763 or by walk-in.
    • Acute Care – Short term care for a sudden illness or injury. Students may call 401-874-4763 or walk-in to Health Services to speak with a Registered Nurse.
    • Primary care – Appointments can be made for physical exams, immunization, allergy shots and non-urgent medical issues and testing. We have board certified physicians and nurse practitioners on staff for the student population.  For an appointment please call 401-874-4763.
    • Women’s Clinic – Women’s health concerns including:  physical exams, pap smears, laboratory testing, and contraceptive (birth control) options. Please call for an appointment 401-874-5151.
    • Nutrition Services – Individual counseling appointments with a Registered Dietician are available. Workshops in the academic and residential settings are available upon request. Please call for an appointment 401-874-5954. For more information, please visit our Nutrition page.
    • Health Promotion – Provides Health and Wellness education to the University community through individual and group sessions and program presentations. For more information, please visit our Health Education Courses page.
    • Laboratory Services – The federally licensed laboratory at Health Services provides routine lab work, i.e., blood glucose, complete blood counts, mono tests, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, HIV screening, and rapid tests for strep and flu. For other tests, specimens are collected and sent to an outside laboratory. There is a fee for laboratory tests which can be billed to your insurance, but any unpaid portion is the student’s responsibility. *
    • X-Ray – Our Registered Technologists provide routine x-ray examinations. There is a fee for X-ray work which can be billed to your insurance, but any unpaid portion is the student’s responsibility. *
    • Pharmacy – Our pharmacists fill prescriptions for medications that are on our formulary. They may assist the student in obtaining other medications prescribed by staff or other providers. For assistance please call 401-874-4775.
    • Specialists – Health Services contracts with outside specialists in the fields of Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, General Surgery, Dermatology, and Gynecology. They provide services on a regular basis in Health Services.

    *Check with your insurance provider regarding coverage for laboratory /x-ray services at URI Health Services.

  • When a Health Services provider determines that the student needs care beyond the scope of URI Health Services he/she will either refer the student to a specialist to meet their needs or consult with a specialist while Health Services remains engaged in the care.  When doing so, we attempt to work with the student to facilitate insurance coverage verification.

Making an Appointment

  • Yes, students are seen by appointment if they need to be seen by a clinical provider. Students may call 401-874-4763 or walk in to make an appointment. They will speak to a professionally trained Registered Nurse who will provide health education and determine if, when and by whom they will be seen.   APPOINTMENT TIMES are Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 7:15 p.m.; and Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday from 12:00 p.m. (noon) – 3:30 p.m. (limited to acute illness/injury).

  • Health Services does not provide routine excuse notes as class attendance and participation is a matter between the student and the professor, much like the relationship between employee and employer.  We encourage open and clear communication between the student and professor as early as possible.  When the provider determines that the student must not attend class, work, participate in athletics, or should significantly limit their activity, their academic dean’s office is notified and they inform faculty regarding absence and anticipated return.  Employers and coaches/trainers are likewise informed.  Students should make every effort to inform professors in advance of missing class or assignments.

  • For emergencies after hours students should call 401-874-2121. A URI Campus Ambulance will respond. Our ambulance is staffed by volunteers, licensed as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).  The ambulance transports students to South County Hospital which is 5 miles from the URI Kingston campus. For non-emergency situations, a list of local health care centers is available on our Health Links page.

Pharmacy Services

  • All students who have paid the Student Health Services Fee may fill a prescription from a Health Services or outside provider, at the URI Health Services Pharmacy, provided that the medicine is included in our formulary (we do not have every medicine).  Some medicines will be free of charge while others will have a charge or cost (co-pay).  This general prescription service is limited to our Pharmacy only and is only for the academic year.

  • Those students who have the University-sponsored health insurance may use the Pharmacy benefit within the plan as follows:

    • Students may fill a prescription at the URI Student Health Services Pharmacy (provided that the medicine is on the formulary).  The student will pay the Pharmacy for the listed price of the drug.  If the price exceeds $20, the University insurance pharmacy benefit will cover any dollar amount over $20.
    • Students may also go to an outside pharmacy.  The benefit, in this case, is the same as at the URI pharmacy except there is a significantly expanded formulary so more medication options are available.
    • An exception is made for oral contraceptives (with the University health insurance pharmacy benefit), which are covered by the insurance company at 100% (therefore, no co-pay) in any pharmacy setting (again, provided that it is generic or a single source brand name product).
  • No, the pharmacy benefit that comes along with the University medical insurance extends for the policy year (Either September 1 through August 31 only; or mid-August through mid-August for international students). 

  • For those with private insurance with a pharmacy benefit:

    • We do not bill out to private prescription plans at the URI Pharmacy.  However, many pharmaceuticals are available at or below the usual pharmacy co-pay.  We will, however, gladly provide a receipt for the student to file a claim.
    • For those students with private prescription plans and no vehicle to travel to another pharmacy, there are some pharmacies that will deliver prescriptions to URI Health Services.  The student should visit the URI Health Services Pharmacy for details about such delivery options.

Access To Information/Confidentiality

  • Students 18 years of age and older must complete and sign a written authorization form to request copies of their medical records.  The URI Health Services Authorization to Release or Request Medical Information form can be downloaded from the Health Services website on our Forms page.  No blanket authorization forms will be honored. In urgent or emergency cases, health information may be shared between providers for continuity of care.

    Students under 18 years of age must have their parent/legal guardian sign a written authorization form to request copies of their medical records.  The URI Health Services Authorization to Release or Request Medical Information form can be downloaded from our Forms page.  No blanket authorization forms will be honored. In urgent or emergency cases, health information may be shared between providers for continuity of care.

  • If a student is 18 years old, he/she must consent to the release of health information to anyone – including parents. This consent must be in writing.  The URI Health Services Authorization to Release or Request Medical Information form can be downloaded from our Forms page.  No blanket authorization forms will be processed.

  • Students 18 years of age and older must complete an authorization form, found on our Forms page, giving consent for the URI healthcare provider to speak to a parent.  Verbal consent may also be obtained and will be documented in the student’s health record.  The consent to share health information will be specific to the particular episode of illness.  No blanket authorization/consent will be honored.

  • Students, 18 years or older, must complete the URI Health Services Authorization to Release or Request Medical Information form, found on our Forms page, and fax, mail, or deliver the completed form to Health Services. If the student is a minor (not yet 18 years old) the parent/ legal guardian must sign the authorization form.  In urgent or emergency cases, health information may be shared between providers for continuity of care.

Behavioral/Mental Health Services:

  • The University of Rhode Island Health Services, in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island Counseling Center, supports the educational mission of the University by offering mental health services designed to enhance student growth and success.

    Our providers diagnose common health conditions and care for them utilizing patient education and medication therapy management, if necessary.  Health Services’ clinicians work closely with mental health professionals in the Counseling Center who provide counseling and psychotherapy services.  We also work with providers in the community to facilitate referrals for students requiring more extensive care and/or testing. This includes Attention Deficit Disorder evaluations, and those conditions that require a more comprehensive approach and/or continuous availability.  Our goal is that students have the most appropriate care to ensure their health and safety.

    The Behavioral/Mental Health Services, offered by URI Health Services, are available during the Academic Year (September to May) and on a limited basis during Winter Break.  Students requiring year-round services or services requiring close monitoring will need to have a mental healthcare provider available to provide such comprehensive services.  We can work with the student to coordinate care.

    We do not provide psychiatric emergency services.  Health Services can help coordinate care for crises with community resources.

Emergency Care

  • University of Rhode Island Emergency Medical Services (URI EMS) provides service 24/7 to the University community with state licensed Emergency Medical Technicians and a transport ambulance.  Funded by the Health Services Fee, this service is available to students at no cost.  URI EMS responds when dispatched by calling the URI emergency phone number (401-874-2121).  They transport those in need of care to South County Hospital in Wakefield (5 miles/8 minutes from the Kingston campus).  South County Hospital is a comprehensive community hospital.  Should trauma level care be required, the patient would be transported/transferred to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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